cell A2 = 100 of which 4% = 40 then add 20% = 8 giving a total of 48

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I need a formula to determine two calculations as in cell A2 = 100. Calculate 4% of that which is 40, then calculate 20% of that which is 8 and add the two numbers to give me a total of 48

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@Robert_Burrows Assuming you meant to write 40% instead of 4% that could





Sorry I mistyped my original question showing 4% not 40%

I need to find a 40 percent factor of the original number and then add 20% to that total.

So if I start with A2 has 100 in it. I then want to find 40% of that number I write in B2 =Sum(A2/100*40) which gives me 40. I then need to add 20% to the number 40 in B2 so in C2 I write =Sum(B2/100*20) which gives me the number in C2 as 8. Finally I need to show the combined total of the two calculations so in D2 I write =Sum(B2:C2) which gives me 48

Could you please express to my significant misunderstanding how I should write the required formula in one line

=SUM(A2*40%*(1+20%)) or alternatively =SUM(A2*0.4*(1+0.2))

@Robert_Burrows Just like I wrote in my initial response. No need for the intermediate calculations.

100% agree your method is the most accurate and efficient. For us less accomplished users it is sometimes hard to understand the reasons behind the formulas. I was trying to show a way of explaining the formula and not just the math :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: