Case number: 1049693377 Excel deletes all macros in a file I open

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Case number: 1049693377

Good, the file before opening it I enter in properties and I unblock it to show that it is a safe file (it is one that my brother uploads to one drive, program in VBA); besides that I enter that to enable macros and allow access to VBA objects, but despite all that still deletes it saying that I recover as much as possible but all the VBA DELETED, another file that I downloaded that had macros but not custom functions used in sheets of the file does not delete it, but I also tried telling my brother to delete all the sheets with custom functions and still delete the VBA, which calls my attention because one if and the other not. It could be that my brother touched something in VBA (own interface) that enabled by default the deletion of the VBA part if it was opened in another computer.

I also tried unchecking the three protected view boxes.

I hope you can help me thank you

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