Cant make vlookup work

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Hello everyone!

How are you? I am having troubles trying to match values from one column with another one using a simple Vlookup, I know for sure that there are matching values but can't make this two columns match, I think it must be because of the type of data (text, numeric), but I have tried all sorts of combinations and still not working.

Can anyone help please? I need to bring column H and match by column A and G.

This is the formula I used: =VLOOKUP(A2,$G$2:$H$5764,2,0)

Attached I have the file. Any help is appreciated.


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@ignacio_barr655 The EAN codes in column G are a mix of texts and numbers, whereas all the EAN codes in column A seem to be all texts, even those that look like numbers. I've used Text-to-columns to transform everything in column G to text. Now you will have 1626 matches out of 27081 records. If that's still not what you expect, you need to clean-up the data further, making sure that codes that should match between both columns A and G are indeed exactly the same. 


Perhaps you want to look into PowerQuery (a.k.a. Get&Transform Data), a great built-in tool (since Excel 2016) that can do such clean-up actions and VLOOKUP like matching without writing one single formula.