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I need to increase my iterations on my spreadsheet, but the method is to open my options.  However i can seem to access my options??

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The knowledge of the Excel version as well as the operating system would be advantageous for you to get a quick and precise solution proposal.


The iteration can sometimes be quite effective, or it can lead to irritation.


You can perform the iteration in advance with F9; all calculations are carried out as often as you have set, e.g. 1x or 100x.


If values ​​change in further runs, this only means that no limit value has been reached. A simple example:

- Write in C1 = C1 + 1

This is a classic circular reference, but it can be calculated iteratively. Each F9 increases the value in C1 by 1 (or by the number of preset iteration steps).


However, if there is a limit value problem, then the number of steps required depends on the algorithm used. I'm not a mathematician to predict that even with a known algorithm. In this case, it makes sense to display the difference between the last two steps. In many cases the difference will approach 0 but not = 0. Then simply define when it is enough for you, e.g. if the difference is <0.0001 or whatever makes sense for you.


Path in Excel 2016: File menu -> Options -> Formulas -> Calculation options -> Iteration -> Activate iterative calculation (activate-click on the check box) -> Set the maximum number of iterations and the maximum change as desired / specified.


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