cannot sort an excel file downloaded from Google docs

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downloaded an excel spreadsheet from Google Docs and it is not allowing me to sort the whole thing and I saved it a few times, but cannot sort 

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Hi @alephtav 


without seeing the file it's very difficult to give a proper advise. Generally spoken, if I table cannot be sorted, it has usually to do with it's structure. For instance, it could have merged cells in the header or somewhere within the table.

Could you check? 

I see you've been wrestling with this issue for a while now since the thread is about a year old. If you're still facing the problem, there are a couple of things you might try. Firstly, check if the sheet has any merged cells. Merged cells can mess up the sorting functionality in Excel. You could unmerge those cells and try sorting again. Since you're working between Google Docs and Excel, you may want to check out for templates that might make your workflow a little easier, especially when it comes to spreadsheet functionalities.