Cannot remove Add-Ins folder and button from ribbon

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A folder and button called "Add-Ins" is now in my Excel ribbon and I can't remove it.  As you can see in my ribbon below, the submenus are Font, Alignment, Add-Ins, Tools, and Format. But when I customize the ribbon (second picture), there is no Add-Ins folder shown that I can delete!  I'm pretty sure this is a very recent issue.


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The Add-ins group has recently been added to the Home tab of the ribbon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There currently appears to be no way to remove it.

You can select File > Feedback > Send a Frown to report your displeasure.

Thank you. Sadly my ribbon was already 100% full with the buttons and macros I use regularly, so the addition of this button has caused things to realign so that some button labels are now gone. I truly can't explain Microsoft would add a button that I'll NEVER use, and then give me no way to hide it.


I have found a way to workaround this issue. Navigate to customize ribbon and create a new tab adjacent to Home (rename it to Custom or Home2 etc). Then click on each of the commands underneath Home and press the up/down arrow to move them into the new custom tab. This will retain the functionality of the Home tab, and the Addins button will sit alone in the original Home tab never to be touched again.

That's a great suggestion! I just did that, but named the new tab "Home", unchecked the original "Home" tab, and now my ribbon looks exactly like I want, but without the "Add-Ins" button. Thanks!