Cannot Print from Word or Excel

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I am using Microsoft 365 on an HP computer all-in-one. The computer is 6 months old and hasnot been used for more than playing games. I tried to print labels from Word and nothing happens, it goes into Compatibility mode and says Word is not responding. When I try to print from Excel I get an error message stating the memory is full (???), there isn't anything on the computer other than a couple of games and the software that came on the computer. The printer drivers were reloaded by HP, but I still cannot print from those programs. I can, however, print from PowerPoint. Help!!!

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If I may recommend you, carry out an update in advance.

If this is not enough then an Office repair.

If more information is needed see the included link below.


Troubleshoot printing failures in Word for Microsoft 365 on Windows 10

This article provides steps to diagnose and resolve issues that occur when you cannot print a Microsoft Word for Microsoft 365 document on Windows 10.