Cannot paste from elsewhere into a specific table

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Hi experts,

This is first time I encounter the problem.


Basically I need to copy and paste a range of values (General format) into column A of a table, right under the last row so that the table may extend automatically.


There is no filter, the format all matches, I can paste the values in any cell BUT the table. Basically what happens is: if I right click I can see all the paste options (as value, etc.), but when I paste, nothing happens, no value is pasted, and I'm sure there is no white color hiding the data from showing.


I have done this hundreds of times but this is the first time. Restart the computer doesn't help.


Another very strange thing is that if I copy values FROM this table into the same table but different places, it doesn't show the same value, it seems that the pasted value is shifted somehow. But there are no formulas, just values. This is VERY VERY annoying as I have to use =Q45 to fetch the value AND I can't paste it back as value.

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