Cannot make a macro recording

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Hi there,

I want to create a macro with the "Record Macro" function. However, there is a popup messagebox showed "Personal Macro Workbook in the startup folder must stay open for recording". And I cannot proceed with the macro recording. Meanwhile, I checked the default folder to save the Personal.xlsb file at C:\Users\jerro\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Excel. While, nothing was there!

Please help me out of this issue. 

Many thanks!

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Launch the Excel application. Click on the “FILE” menu.

Then click “Options”.

Excel Options dialog box will open like this. Then click the Add-Ins category.

In the Add-Ins category you can find the “Manage” dropdown at the bottom.

Then select the “Disabled Items” from the dropdown list.

Next click the “Go...” button.

Disabled Items Window will open like this.

Select the personal.xlsb from the list. Then click the “Enable” button.

Close the Disabled Items window. Then close the “Excel Options” dialog box. Now close the Excel application and start it again. You will be able to store the macros in the Personal Macro Workbook again.


Many thanks for your reply at first!

However, I tried the method you suggested. When I got there, "Disabled Items Window", there is nothing shown there. Meanwhile, I tried to copy a PERSONAL.XLSB from another computer (where the macro recording function and the VBA coding interface work well) to my laptop. The macro recording seems working. But when I open the VBA interface and do something inside it (e.g. resize the windown size of opened module, move the position of the opened model, etc.), the Excel will shut down abruptly. Therefore, it seems that there is still some issues in my system but I don't know exactly right now.