Cannot Locate a Link

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I have a rather large Excel Workbook that all of a sudden has a link! I have done the following:


Searched for the link (Platform.xlsm). Looked in Formulas, Notes, Values and Comments. Nowhere to be found;

Deleted all cells from every sheet (unhid any hidden cells);

Removed all conditional formatting;

Deleted all named ranges;

Deleted all macros;

Looked for any objects (none);

Checked for any Data Validation (None);

No data series or charts;

No Hyperlinks;


I also tried deleting one sheet at a time which appeared to get rid of the link so I assumed that sheet was the issue. After not locating anything on that sheet I determined that if I delete any one of the sheets the link goes away.


I do not want to have to re-build from scratch


Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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@madmancha some suggestions:

1. Data/Edit Links: check if you see any file listed there. They are the ones you want to find and remove

2. Find: in Find What just enter .xl* and Options should include Search by Rows, Look in Formula, Within Workbook

3. Last resort: For each sheet, Formula/Show formula, then Find/Find What: \ or .xl and repeat for each sheet until you find the link


@madmancha Try the tool that you find here: 



Thank you for your response! After all of this it still did not work. I began to worry about my so-called Excel skills. . . Out of frustration I saved a copy and opened the saved file and NO LINK. Must have been some glitch as I did not change a thing. 


Thanks Again!

It would be beneficial if you upload the file (without any sensitive data) with the problem. That way you could get on the track of the problem better and you will get an acceptable solution faster. Win-win for everyone.