Cannot find how to setup "." as the decimal symbol instead of ","

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I used to be a Windows user, now I use Excel under MacOS. I'm in France, so the standard number format is 123 456,xx. But I prefer to have 123 456.xx. It was easy to do it in my previous configuration, now I cannot find it. Could you tell me how to get it please?


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@JPMFly You'll find it under 'Apple logo', System Preferences..., Language and Region, Advanced, General.


Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 15.48.28.png


I'm still on Monterey, so it may look different if you are on a more modern MacOS

hello @Riny_van_Eekelen 

thank you for your answer!

I did it already. I choose 1 234 567.99 as format but it didn’t change the behavior in Excel…. It still considers an entry like 123.45 as a text string and not as a number. 

I’m on SONOMA as I just bought my Mac two weeks ago.