Cannot display data on graph correctly

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Having some difficulties creating the graph I would like to use to display my data. Unsure on how to do this so any help would be appreciated.  

Going to try and explain the data set I have. It involves analysis of steel beams. Each beam has a different cross section value Eg 406x140x46 or 457x191x74. For each beam I have used 2 different steel grades S275 and S355. I have got 2 values of deflection for each steel beam cross section (due to the 2 steel grades).  

The graph I am wanting to create is steel cross sections on the x axis and deflection values (in mm) on the y axis. 

So on the x axis would be the values 406x140x46 and 457x191x74 etc. 

On the y axis would be deflection in mm but I would like 2 values for each cross section to be represented on the graph (for the 2 steel grades) 

Not sure if I have explained this perfectly but any help would be appreciated.


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Organize your data as in the screenshot, then create a chart, for example a column chart.


Sample workbook attached.