Cannot concatenate a hyperlink from another cell

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I am working with office 365 and I have done this in previous versions but its not working now.  I have a site with a html pages like 1.html, 2, html etc.  

If I write in a cell  the link works fine

if I have a list of numbers in column a and column be is any of the following:

="" & a2 & ".html"

=hyperlink("" & a2 & ".html",a2)

=hyperlink("" & indirect("a2") &".html",a2)

The link is not formed properly.  Even in the case of the first if I copy and paste values the spreadsheet shows

but when I click on it I get an error  "cannot connect to

Is this a bug or am I missing something.


Haim Katz

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Hi @h-i-k ;

I have tried your topic.

You must add http: // or https: // before the link

Like this : 

=hyperlink("" & indirect("a2") &".html",a2)

You will find the file attachments the file that I created 


Thanks   @AbdallahBeraida.  I thought I had tried that also but I see it works, so I guess I didn't.



@AbdallahBeraidaI am having a problem and ask for help:

In a spread sheet I have a column H filled in with links, I made them active by hyperlink function, and when trying to use it - every link sends me to the cell A1, i.e. doesn't work. I tried to set proper configuration in the Edit Hyperlink, nothing works.

Which I find strange as I have been using hyperlinks for many years, and they were always easily activated and working.. any idea?


sorry, should add: those are links to web