Can you lock Headers and Footers that contain formulae on each page

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I'm doing a BOQ and I want to to set up an A4 page in excel that has set cells and formulas at the top of a page and at the bottom of a page as shown in an example page that i've attached. Such that when I insert cells, it doesnt move the top and bottom cells and the formulas stay the same. And that every time I fill a page, it opens a new page with the same top and bottom cells.

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With your permission, if I can recommend you, add a MS Excel file (without sensitive data) to your project.

Explain your plans in relation to this file. So you can get a solution that is tailored to your needs much faster.

At the same time, it is much easier for someone who wants to help to understand the subject.

A win-win situation for everyone.

Please no Picture, even if it is said that a picture can say a thousand words, it is certainly not in the case of Excel, on the contrary in some cases.


* Knowing the Excel version and operating system would also be an advantage.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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