Can you help me create the right formula?

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I have a shared spreadsheet that I need to pull last weeks data from every week for a report. I think I need to use a combination of count if and vlookup or the new xlookup and hoping someone can help. For examples sake we’ll say I have data in column A = MM/DD/YY and column B = status with 3 choices.

I need to be able to enter a date frame (usually mon-sun of the previous week) and have the formula look at column A to find if a row fell within that date range, and if so, check column B for a particular status (kicked off) and total how many items were within the date frame with the status “kicked off”.

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@Getwiser Created a simplified example in the attached file. Since you considered using XLOOKUP, I suspect you are on a modern Excel version. Then you can use FILTER to achieve what you want. See attached.

YES!!! It took me a minute to tweak it because I was pulling from a different page, but I got it to work! Thank you!