can we sort two column simultaneously

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I have an excel where column E and F are sorted each column, however, I want column E & F to be sorted simultaneously so that both column dates are in sequential ascending order. I have attached one excel with the current issue and the proposed result

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@Shano1989 Not in one go. That's just not how it works. but you can add a column summing the dates in E and F. This creates one column of dates which you can then sort from Oldest to Newest. 

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 06.14.34.png

If both E and F can hold dates and you want the latest of the two to determine the sort order us a formula like =MAX(E4,F4) or =MIN(E4,F4) in case it should be the earliest of the two.


Add a column:



Sort by that column.