Can the FILTER formula return more than one columns value?

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Using FILTER In my table below I want the values of the home and away matches to appear in one drop down search(at the moment i have to do two FILTER dropdowns for home and away). Is there away round this? The HOME (HT) are in "D" and the AWAY ( AT) are in "G" columns.


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If you mean, for your sample, HT=Serbia OR AT=Serbia, when like

=FILTER(A2:G76, (D2:D76=I2)+(G2:G76=I2) )


You need to introduce an OR condition into the filter.  With arrays, this is achieved with the arithmetic '+' operator.

= FILTER(Fixtures, (Fixtures[HT]=Country)+(Fixtures[AT]=Country))

That did the trick, thanks for your help-Sergei. See you at the next problem!
Got it sorted Peter thanks for your info.


You are welcome, glad to help