Can't unhide a sheet

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Hello, I have an excel that contains many list fields, with an auxiliary sheet where the values of each list are.

It is an auxiliary sheet I have always had it hidden and I have been able to unhide it whenever I wanted to modify the values, until today.

If I secondary click on any sheet to make "unhide", it does not allow it, it appears disabled ...


Thinking that it would have been deleted, ultimately I have entered in VBA editor and I have seen that the sheet is still there, with the property hidden, but if I change the property, an error appears that does not allow me to visualize it (see image)


Does anyone know how to retrieve this sheet? I need to be able to edit it and the main sheet with 2 thousand lines and 15 fields listed per line takes all the data from there ...


Thank you very much for the help!

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Perhaps the workbook has been protected for structure.

Activate the Review tab of the ribbon.

Is the Protect Workbook button in the Protect group highlighted? If so, click it to turn it off. You may have to provide a password.

Thank you @Hans Vogelaar 

Yes, the workbook it's protected because it's a shared workbook.

But, when I have to update it, I unprotect the workbook. I had done this, and always it worked fine, but this time, I can't do it :(.


I tried to re-protect and unproted but doesn't work...


From the look of the context menu in your screenshot, the workbook is still protected...

Yeah, in the context menu, but in the ribbon not


Could you attach a copy of the workbook? You can remove all visible sheets except one, and clear the remaining visible sheet.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you


I found the problem!

When I "unshared and unprotect the workbook", i tried to "unprotect again only the workbook", and SUPRISE, I could unhide the sheets...


Thank you for you attentions and help!

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I'm glad to hear you found the solution!