Can't unhide a column

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Windows 10


My column C which I hid last week now won't unhide. I've tried right-clicking unhide, select all unhide, visibility, reformatting all the column widths: nothing works.

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If you do this:
Press F5, type C:C, click OK and then select (Start tab) Format, Column width and set it to e.g. 10, does it show?
is View, Freeze panes set by any chance?
I followed your suggestion and went to View. Freeze panes. Cleared all and voila! column A re-appeared.

Kisses @Jan Karel Pieterse - it was freeze panes for my file.  I would not have found it without this thread.

Freeze Panes...great tip! It works for me too after far too much time scouring help threads. Thank you!!!
For anyone else who this might not have worked for, chances are that the missing columns may have been minimized. With your mouse, try grabbing the bar along the left edge of the last column that is visible. Hold down the right mouse button (you will see a double arrow pop up) and drag it to the right. The missing columns should show up.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thanks a lot, unfreezing solved the problem.

For me, it was because the sheet was protected. I asked the owner for an unprotected (no password) sheet and was able to unhide things again.

For me it was that the scroll area had been defined. I had to go into module properties and remove the ScrollArea region.

It was Freeze Panes for me as well. Unfreezing panes unhid all of the previously hidden columns. I'm running Microsoft Excel for Mac (v.16.69.1) on macOS Monterey (v.12.6.3).

The only thing that worked for me was View -> Page Layout and then of course back to Page -> Normal.

Thanks for your help < changing the page layout to normal did the trick !!
Thanks - tried all the above and still needed this.

@Kav1025 thanks so much that unhid column A which wasn't working otherwise.