Can't save my workbooks where i want

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I am very frustrated because I have used Excel for years but now the program seems to fight me. I know I am probably doing something stupid but I just don't understand where it is saving my workbooks and I can't seem to get it to Save As, so that I can save them where I want. I can hit Save and it seems to do something but I am guessing they are being saved to the Cloud. I don't want this but don't know how to stop it. I just want to be able to save into a nice old fashioned folder on my PC. If I save a workbook I then cannot locate it to add it to an email for example. The only way to get it back is to reopen Excel and then it downloads it. I didn't want it uploaded in the first place, please someone help.

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We might be able to help, but you could help us help you if you tell us a bit more.
What kind of computer are you using, for starters. I'm on a Mac, and if you're also using something in the Mac family of computers, you could open Finder and so a search for Excel files generically, or for a recent one by name, and should be able to locate where it has been placed.
What version of Excel are you using?
What changes have been made recently to any of the above or to anything, just prior to this experience of files being saved "who-knows-where"?