Can't open files with waterfall diagram in excel. Every time a error message pops up.

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Can't open files with waterfall diagram in excel. Every time a error message pops up. I tried it couple of time, as well in a clean file, but i hope i lose my graphs not again this time. 


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Do you have an older version of Excel? Waterfall charts were introduced in Excel 2016, so if you have Excel 2013 or earlier, Excel will have problems with them.

@Hans Vogelaar 



Thank you for your answer. I work with Excel 2016, so it should work. I have no idea what could be the error, but it definitely has something to do with the waterfall diagram, as it keeps showing up, every time i do save a file with a waterfall diagram. 


Any idea how this can be caused/ and preferably solved?



I'm afraid I have neither an explanation nor a solution. Sorry!

@svreriks Not sure if I can help, but from the naming of your screenshot, I suspect that you are on a Mac.  So am I, though on the most recent (beta) version for MS265. Any chance you can upload your file with the chart(s) in it?




Hi Riny, 

Thank you for your response. I am working on a windows computer. In the attachment i plugged in one diagram and a screenshot of the same diagram. As you can see (probably), there is an error popping up immediately after opening. Does the same happen for you if you create and save a waterfall diagram? 

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I don't get an error when I open your workbook in Excel for Windows, but I do notice that the data source of the chart is an external workbook. Could that be the cause of the problem?

@svreriks Your chart is linked to a folder "Werkmap/Taken voor Wouter/etc." so the chart comes up empty. Nothing I can do for you right now.


I found out the problem is with my excel. Thank you for your help!