Can't get the Currency Symbol for a cell

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Hello Everyone,

I can't see the Eur (or any currency symbol) for this cell.

this is a merged-and-centred cell.

Screenshot 2021-12-15 161255.png

I want to show $ 4540 Annual Savings!!   with the help of formula.

So, what formula should i write so, it will show $ 4540 Annual Savings!! ???


Please help..??

Here is a attached file. 

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Currency and Accounting formats only apply to cells that contain a number.

Your cell contains a text value, so Currency or Accounting format will be ignored.

You can edit the cell value and manually type $ in front of it, or whichever currency symbol you want. The Euro symbol is Alt+0128 using the Numeric keypad (turn on Num Lock first).

Thank you so much sir..