Can't get excel to sort all the way down

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I have 10,634 lines of data.  All of a sudden my 2007 Excel, which worked great until now, wouldn't sort the last few lines.  Tried everything I could think of, then downloaded Libre, which made my computer crawl.  Now I bought Office 365.  Still won't sort all lines.  What am I missing?

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There is no reason that Excel 365 should not be capable of sorting 10 000 lines of data.

I assume that, since you mention Excel 2007, the sorting you have in mind is the interactive process initiated from the Data Ribbon tab?  With 365 you have another option of leaving your source data untouched and using a formula (SORT or SORTBY functions) to reorder your data by one or more columns, ascending or descending).


If the sorted data is the same, it might be that your data is not what it appears.  There might be spurious non-printing characters hidden within the strings.  The LEN function will confirm the count of characters.  It is also possible to return the Unicode for each character using

= UNICODE(MID(data, {1,2,3,4,5,6}, 1))

@Peter Bartholomew Thanks Peter, but it turned out to be something even simpler.  I needed to resize the table range.  All good now.