Can't get excel formula correct

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I'm trying to follow the below youtube tutorial on creating a Gantt chart in excel, but am stuck on the formula detailed at minute 12:30. This is what I have and it looks right when I compare to the formula in the video, but no matter what I try, it's not working: =AND($16>0, K$4 <= ($E6+($F6-$E6)*$16)-WEEKDAY(($E6+($F6-$E6)*$16),2)+1, K$4 >= $E6 - WEEKDAY($E6, 2)+1)


Help please!

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It's not $16 but $I6 with upper case i after the $ sign:


=AND($I6>0, K$4 <= ($E6+($F6-$E6)*$I6)-WEEKDAY(($E6+($F6-$E6)*$I6),2)+1, K$4 >= $E6 - WEEKDAY($E6, 2)+1)

Thank you so much!!