Can't find a municipality on coropletic maps on excel

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Hello, I have a database of municipalities in Colombia, but I can't find one of them of the map, I would like to know if someone have the access or know where to consult the database of the map, the municipality is named Santa Isabel, department of Tolima, Country is Colombia and it doesn't got reference on the coropletic map 

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Have you tried this:
enter these values in three cells:
Tolima Department
Santa Isabel, Tolima
And then select those three and click the Geography data type. Excel does recognize them correctly for me.
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I tried different variants but also was not able to show Santa Isabel.


You may send a frown to Microsoft: on ribbon Help->Feedback->Report a problem.

@Sergei Baklan It fails to show for me as well. 

Hello Jan, are you able to show us, how did you do on a screenshot?, appreciate.


Please check in attached file