Can't drag or copy XLOOKUP formula

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I am using Excel online on a shared spreadsheet. I successfully created an XLOOKUP formula and want to copy it through to 550 cells below. However, if I drag down more than 5 cells I get an error message that says "We can't do that with this sheet view".  The same thing happens if I try to copy and paste. I have created a sorted view of my own in order to only apply the XLOOKUP to relevant rows.  It's a huge spreadsheet so doing this in an unsorted view will take a long time. Suggestions?

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If that's shared workbook with lot of different views perhaps something prevents due to another view customization.

In any case that's better to do on default (unsorted) view. Stay on the cell with formula, type in name box entire range starting from this cell


Enter - range will be selected

Ctrl+D - formula will be copied to every cell within selected range.

@Sergei Baklan Thanks for the speedy reply! I'll try that now.