Can't delete unusal and unwanted charaters in my excel file

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Can't delete unusal and unwanted charaters in my excel fileUnwanted Excel Character 01 18 22.png

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One reason why it can still be found can be found in the tabs. There is an option here called "vertical line". Look at the horizontal ruler of your document at the top. You may see a small bold vertical line in it. If so, highlight all of the text where the line interferes. Click on the said line in the ruler and keep the left mouse button pressed. Pull the mouse out of the ruler and release the mouse button.


Now the line should be gone in the document.


If not, press the mouse on the stroke, hold the left mouse button for more than 3 seconds, release and press delete.


One of the two options should work properly, if not feedback would be appreciated.



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Thanks for your assistance.  However, I am somewhat of a Excel novice and I did not understand how to use your solution.  So I am not clear as to how to find the vertical line.



This issue has been resolved.  Thanks for your assistance.