Can't create a chart template

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On a worksheet, I've entered data and used it to create 2 charts. I want to create chart templates so I can reuse the chart styles elsewhere. I was able to create a template for one of the charts, and reuse it. However, for the second chart, when I right-click the chart, the "Save as template" option is grayed out. I can't figure out how to make it active. Any advice?



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@PattyG A co-worker pointed out this information. This must be the case here. :(
"Sometimes the ‘Save as Template…’ option is greyed out with no explanation.

Newer chart types, added with Excel 365 cannot be saved as templates. This limitation is true for all the new chart types released in Office 2016/365 like Waterfall, Histogram, Treemap, etc.

Amazingly, these charts were added to Excel without including template support.  Microsoft considers templates an ‘extra’ that they’ll consider adding if there’s enough customer interest.  Despite the passing of several years, this hasn’t happened."


Bro I just had the same problem, but then I realised there's a pretty easy fix. You just copy and paste the original chart with your customised formats and everything, then just change the data values. By right-clicking on the chart, you then click "Select data" and just select your new data, and boom. Your new data has the customised format.