Can't Add Worksheet and/or Move/Copy Worksheet in Excel File

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All of a sudden, I cannot add a worksheet or move/copy a worksheet within an excel file I have been working with.  The file is shared with other co-workers.  I can complete this function in other files.  Looking for help to solve this problem.

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Hello @Val_L,


Make sure the workbook is not protected. In the Review Tab, go to Protect Workbook. If you are prompted to unprotect the workbook, then a password is set to protect the workbook already.

@PReagan  the workbook is protected and I have already unprotected it.  I am able to modify existing worksheets.


I have always been able to copy a worksheet from one file and paste it into a second file.  both worksheets are unprotected but i still cannot copy.  HELP I have a paystub to get out.  I would have a calculations tab and then bring the final numbers into a stub then copy the pay stub into a new file to be sent out.  I cannot do any of the copying and I can't  add a new worksheet or tab to the current pay stub tab that id dent out. 



sorry to confuse folks - this is a new post not a reply. i have this problem right now, in June 2021!
Even I'm facing the same issue. I'm unable to insert new work sheets when I rights click on sheet1 name and click on insert. If I click on Plus sign I'm able to add the sheet, please suggest.


I had the same issue now (August 2021) but could solve it.

It turned out that it was a format issue of the Excel sheet.

".xlsx" vs. ".xls" ("Excel Worksheet" against "Excel 97-2003 Worksheet").

Both worksheets need to have the same format in order to copy or move sheets properly.