Can't add User Form in VBA project

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When I try to add a User Form in a VBA project, I get an error that says "Component not correctly registered". This started happening a couple of months ago; I believe it was after I did a micrsoft update.


I've tried reinstalling Office which did not help. I'm not sure what else to try. And suggestions? If you need more information that would help diagnose the problem, please let me know.

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VBA depends on VB 6.0 runtime!

Try to reinstall this runtime, this may fix the issue!


I reinstalled the VBA 6.0 runtime but I'm still getting the same error. I'm able to add a Module or Class Module just fine, so I find it strange that I'm only getting the error when trying to add a UserForm.

Is Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library listed and checked?
Microsoft Forms 2.0 Library was listed but not checked. I checked it, but still received the error. Strangely, after checking the forms 2.0 library, if i close out of excel and reopen it, the forms 2.0 library is no longer checked; not sure if that is supposed to happen.



Please record the steps step by step from opening Excel till insert a UserForm using the Steps Recorder. 

Make sure to start recording before you open Excel, and to stop it when you get the error message!

After you finish the recording, please save the recording steps as a zip file and attach it here in this community!


This will provide us with a detailed info about the issue.



I recorded the steps to reproduce the error; zip file is attached.


Please make sure that the file FM20.DLL is already found in this path:


I think it exists because you reinstalled the VB 6.0 Runtime.

Then make sure that the Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library is pointed to this file as below screenshot!

If it's not, please click browse and point the library to it.



References - VBAProject.png