can someone help with creating a label spreadsheet for word ?

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I am trying to create a spreadsheet for making labels for class actitives 

the might have the same activities for 4 different types of information 


seam type 

wrong side 

right side 

pressed flat

press to single side 


I have tried a couple of different worksheet but I have not had success.


sewing exercise .xlsx




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You question is not clear. What output do you expect? If you want to pull data from excel spreadsheet to word and make label then easiest way to use Mail-Merge method.

@Harun24HR  Hi I need to create a worksheet to be able to pull the information from to use in Word mail merge 


I need to create individual records for each of the activities 


Regards Linda 


@linda118 See the attached files. I have created a simple mail merge to pull data from Excel file to Word file.

not quite what I am trying to do the excel spreed is the problem the information is not input right i think I have 4 exercises plain seams and 6 exercises for the next activity and 4 so on I think the list drop downs are the problem I was hoping to automatically update quickly but selecting the activity and what it was eg may it was excersie 1 on the right or may it it was excersie 1 on the wrong side or maybe it is excersie 1 press with seam flat or exercise 1 pressed to the side
or exercise 2 first seam front and first seam back 2nd seam front and back exercise press so on
this is what my word doc looks like!ArxNf9WlgekcjXE47ViR3zNjnUMG?e=LJ72xz
I am not sure how to leave Not Applicate can be left blank or if when i select print it will print the information on one label or if it will print out 1 page per record