Can row height adjust to fit all wrapped text automatically, or font size adjust to do the same?

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I'm working in Office Professional Plus 2019.  

I've got a workbook that interacts with Power Automate in several ways and I'm having issues getting Excel to do what I want it to.


Here's the details:

Every time a Form is submitted, Power Automate updates a row in a table, makes a copy of the workbook to a new location, and triggers a script in this new copy. The result of all of this is that the script turns one worksheet within the workbook into a nice, pretty, stand alone, one page PDF.


The trouble lies in that worksheet.  I have a cell with wrapped text turned on because Forms a field wherein a user can just type in a response of however long and treats it as just one string.  The problem is that when the user submits a response over a certain length, it wraps onto a third line.  When this happens, I can't read all three lines of text.  I'd like to have the font size update automatically such that all of the text is visible.  If that cannot be done, I'd like to have the cell automatically adjust the height so that the rows are visible.  


I know that I can use autofit manually and that I can probably include autofit into the script.  But that doesn't truly address my issue.  Most of the time, the sheet in question is updated by selecting from a dropdown box and all of the cells across the sheet update to pull from a different line in the aforementioned table.  If I include autofit in the script, that will address having this PDF come out without all of the lines visible.  What it doesn't do is fix that most of the time, I'm selecting from a drop down and changing the contents, and the row would then just stay the same size.  It's not a truly dynamic solution.


Any suggestions?

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If you turn on Wrap text for that cell, doesn't that cause Excel to expand the row-height to accommodate for the number of rows of text?
Note that this does not work for merged cells, so you must redesign the sheet so this comment cell is a single cell.