Can open a protected workbook with password but cannot unprotect it -says password incorrect

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I have a file that has been workbook protected. I input the password and it opens it up (if i type the password wrong it doesn't open up as expected). But I wish to unprotect the workbook so I click review protect workbook and the pop up comes up "unprotect workbook", I enter the same password and it says the password is incorrect. I have even copied and pasted it so it allows me to open the workbook just not unprotect it. Any ideas how to remove the password please? I have office 365 and the workbook I have is opened in the desktop version.

Many thanks.

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The password required to open a workbook is specified in the Save As dialog.

The password required to unprotect the workbook is specified in Review > Protect Workbook.

These passwords are not related, so they are usually not the same.

You'll have to know the password specified in Review > Protect Workbook to unprotect it.

@Hans Vogelaar that makes sense thank you. Hadnt thought of that. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.