Can not type when opeing a dropdownlist (AutoComplete for Drop-down List)

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Hello everyone,


I currently have an excel template where I created multiple drop-down lists. 

I am able to create the drop-down lists, but I am not able to use the autocomplete function.

I saw in an other post  that I need to open the drop-down list first and then type as a work around.  This was that post:

But the strange thing is that I am unable to type when I open the drop-down list.


So I think this is where the problem lays. I have also tried to run my excel template on other pc's and on some of them the autocomplete function does work like how it is supposed to work. I have checked all settings and the versions are also the same.


Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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Depends on Excel you use. I guess this feature is still available only in Excel for web and insider channels of desktop Excel.

Thanks for the reply. I tried using the drop-down list in the web version and here it does work indeed. But I need it on the desktop version. I have tried to use this on multiple PC's and on half of them the feature does work and on the other half I get the error like mentioned above. None of the PC's have the insider channels of desktop Excel.


In my case it doesn't work on Current channel. Perhaps Microsoft started deployment on monthly and current channels, not sure. It usually is done by waves and takes time, not all users on channel have the same functionality simultaneously. At least I have no other explanations.

If you're willing to use an add-in, try a free Excel add-in called "Search deList" to get searchable data validation. You can find it here: