Can No Longer Use Ctrl-F1 and/or Hide Formula Bar in Excel Online

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In our office, we use Excel Online to display a schedule on a relatively large screen. We have it set up to display the perfect amount of columns/rows for viewing, but only when full-screen is on, the ribbon is collapsed, and the Headings and Formula Bar are hidden.


Today, I have noticed the Formula Bar has been re-enabled and there seems to be no way to get rid of it. The Ctrl-F1 hotkey for hiding the ribbon does not seem to be working either. I can still remove the Formula Bar via the View tab in a local Excel file. However, there is no option to do so anymore in Excel Online, which we need to use. I am at a loss as to what has happened. Am I missing something?

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Excel Online has limited functionality. You can use this link to navigate through all of the Excel Online shortcut functions.

Microsoft Excel - Excel Online keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts in Excel


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@NikolinoDE  Thanks for the reply. Yes I have checked those shortcut lists out. It seems the Ctrl-F1 shortcut to hide the ribbon in Excel Online is no longer doing anything for any of our online excel sheets. Perhaps this is why I can no longer hide the formula bar.


If the ribbon isn't visible at all

If the ribbon isn’t visible at all (no tabs are showing), then you probably have it set to Auto-hide. Select More  ... at the top right of the screen. This will temporarily restore the ribbon.

When you return to the document, the ribbon will be hidden again. To keep the ribbon displayed, select one of the Show options above.


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My issue is exclusively on Excel Online. I used to be able to compress the top ribbon and hide the Formula bar to create more space for viewing the Excel sheet. I think it was via the Ctrl-F1 shortcut. This does not seem to work anymore, and the option to hide the formula bar is no longer present in the View tab.
I am not sure what happened then. I know I was able to use Ctrl-F1 and collapse a good portion of the ribbon and the Formula bar in Excel Online. Hiding this piece of the ribbon would allow a good 1 to 2 more rows to be visible when in full-screen. Now we have to scroll down to view some of our Excel Schedule. I am not sure what changed, but something definitely has.


Perhaps, I'm not active with Excel Online. Simplified ribbon was some ago here, after that disappeared and now is returned.


You may ask your question in comments to this post Simplified Ribbon is now available in Excel for the web ( mentioning the author who is from Microsoft.