Can IndexMatch works with filtering the data I wanted?

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I'm curious. I wanted to know, is there a way on how to create an Index Match and as for me, I am trying to look up the stock ID in  a thousand of datas and wanted to take it out the data so that I can organized it properly by category.

Before this, I am just trying to use only filter (CTRL + L)

But it seems like not convenient for me, as I keep on forgetting what code should I search next.

The stock Id I always search as for category is: 

BDT - Toner
BDTC - Toner Chip
BDB - Blade

BDD - Drum

BDDE - Developer
BDP - Spare Part

These are the categories I use to filter my data. 

Hope anyone can find a way for me.

PS: another thing is, I can't use Filter because my excel don't have the Filter function :(

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@syazaaoa95 Can you please explain a bit more about your work process? Are you saying you need to filter for the same list of stock IDs each time?

In the attached I used Data, Advanced filter to filter for the IDs you mentioned. To filter again, click Data, Advanced filter and make sure the correct cell addresses are in the box.

@Jan Karel Pieterse  I gave you the example the kind of data I wanted.

Because I wanted to do it more faster/ efficient. 

Right now, I'm using filter on Stock ID > choose Filter "Begin with" > then enter the Stock ID for example "BDT" > then it filter out.

After it filter out, I copied the filter data, and I transfer it to new sheet. and categorize it in new column, every data with Stock ID begin with BDT will be Toner. 

I repeat with next Begin with Stock ID.
BDB - Blade
BDCT - Toner Chip

BDD - Drum
BDDE - Developer

BDP - Spare Part

Then I do it for the rest of the ID's.

You understand my process. 
I'm thinking is there any way for it to be more faster and efficient? hmm


@syazaaoa95 See attached. I added three queries to the workbook.

After entering (pasting) new data, simply hit refresh all.

@Jan Karel Pieterse What does this mean? 


I wanted to refresh after I entered this one.



The last row there. It's that where I supposed to add my data?

Click Data, Queries & Connections and delete the one named "Table10"