Can I use the Conditional-formatting check symbol without having to see the number?

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I'm looking to make a spreadsheet with check symbols.  I know how to insert the checkbox control and I know how to use the "Wingdings" font symbol to get that.  But what I really want is the big green check mark that I see under the "Conditional Formatting >> Icon Sets" dropdown. 


I set up some sells to use that and yes, it was great:  If I enter the number "1" I get a big green check mark next to it.  If I enter the number "0" I get a big red "X".  


The only problem is that I *only* want to see the check or the X.  I don't want to see the number beside it.  Is there any way to conditionally format this so that I can type the number and then have it disappear and only the icon shows up?

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@Joe_OLeary Edit the rule and choose "Show icon only".

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 21.01.27.png

(Picture taken on a Mac, but similar on a PC)