Can I upload my school district map and use it to create heat map charts?

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I work for a large school district and I'd like to create a series of heat maps to show which district has the most engineering students, patient care students, film production students, and so on. The embedded Bing maps in the map chart feature work great but my District has some unique gerrymandered boundaries.


If I can do this, how can I do this? What extension should I use for my map and how can I 'train' Excel to read 'South' in my pivot table and highlight the South district? Furthermore, if the South district has twice as many students as the East district, will the South's color be twice as dark as the East's?


My GIS department is ready and willing to help with needed file formats but I need to first ascertain if this endeavor is at least possible. Perhaps some third-party apps will help?


Thanks in advance, Excel gurus!!!

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