can I name and generate a chart from the column numbers

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i used excel for my monthly expenses since 2016  so I have a lot of monthly charts spread 32 rows deep and 6 columns wide. ( Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028 32 bit office 10) 

If I opened up or sat with the cursor on a 'named item' such as groceries ( for the month of. Ap[ril 2022 .) each previous month, of course, a different dollar value generated in the column before.

Therefore column 5  -$512.07  column six reads groceries next to it,, and of course all of the column across  5 /    32 down deep then a grand figure in dollars at the bottom of Column 5.


What I like to do is to somehow highlight groceries/ amount and find all then generate a separate Chart Title to see the growth over a twelve-month/24 mon /36 month period of the months past since 2016.

I don't know that much about Excel and its hidden mysteries if any .. it would be a lot faster than manually typing in all the found information into a new spreadsheet.






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should i maybe rephrase my question? no replies after a week


It might help if you made a sample workbook (not the full one!) without sensitive data available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar, and described your request in more detail using that sample.

thanks .. I believe this is not possible to use in excel.. which I believe is unbelievable..
If I had 10 provincial spread sheets of vehicles -,make-model / years / and color .. and if for instance If I was in the insurance or the RCMP police business.. and was assigned a task of finding A yellow Chevy Nova from around 1986. could I not use the data base ( excel0 to find this with one click between all states or provinces each being a separate excel spree sheet for that one state? This is what I wanted to do to find my monthly grocery costs over a 5 year period.