Can Excel =filter function include a 'criteria range' for multiple criteria of one column?

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to use  =filter formula to filter multiple criteria for a single column as below, by using a "criteria range":


However it is not working and return an #N/A



I'd like to use the =filter to return an dynamic array by using "criteria range", as if what the 'advanced filter' can do to filter multiple criteria of a particular column:





I know that =filter can do multiple criteria, by including each criteria in the formula one-by-one: 




however, comparing to a single 'criteria range/ array', this method is far too troublesome especially when there is a long list of criteria for a particular column.


Did I make any mistakes in the =filter formula with a 'criteria range'?; or the =filter formula is just not capable to do that?


Thank you!




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Try it like this...





It just works like magic!


Thank you so much!!!





Your solution is excellent

It has shortened my formula about 99%

Thank you
#2023 and still awesome answer. Thanks, exactly what i was looking for !

@Subodh_Tiwari_sktneer Holy ... your solution is amazing. I've been doing all types of crazy stuff to do what you just did so simply. You really saved me. Thanks.