Can Excel create a list?

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I have a training database. Personnel who's job code is ABC should be assigned the following training courses:




I'd like to create a worksheet where a manager can enter a job code and have a list of required training classes for an employee populate in a table.

Can Excel generate a list based on a single data entry? Thank you.

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The answer to the question is "Yes"

If you'd like a more helpful answer, may I suggest that you post a copy of the spreadsheet you might be creating, so we can demonstrate with your actual layout. If what you have has all kinds of confidential info (or real names), then make a mockup or anonymous version.

Also let us know what version of Excel you're working with.



OK, I've created a sample that uses a simple VLOOKUP formula and a table of course names with codes based on letters of the alphabet.

This works with job codes with 1 to 4 letters at the start of the Job Code. 

The tables are dynamic, so you can add courses and names and see how it can grow.


By the way, this is only an example to show what's possible. It's by no means the only way to lay it out.




Thank you for the response and I apologize for the delay. I've provided some clarification in the attached. Let me know if this makes sense. Thank you again. 

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I'd recommend keeping the version I gave you as well, because it offers a LOT more flexibility. But here's the version you requested. Just a simple lookup.



Thank you so much!