Call a certain name in a cell IF certain conditions are met

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I have three columns of data, name, gender and age. In a separate cell, I want to call show a name based on conditions on certain age and gender. For instance showing me the name of the person (in the new cell) who is 50 years old and is a Female. Having said that, I have repeatition in my list, how do I do that without having to worry about repeatition?


Second senario is the same as above but this time I want to call names of people who satisfy a certain age range (e.g. between 40 - 50 years old) and are Female. Again not having repeatition.


Thanks in advance for the help.


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Depends on version of Excel you use.

As variant, you may have 3 cells, with drop-down lists if desired, for min age, max age and gender. Based on them you FILTER() the names and wrap result by TEXTJOIN() for the case if more than one of such names.

I use Excel (office 365). Could you be able to share an example with me, please?
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That could be like this



Thanks very much, that works.


You are welcome, glad it helped