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Hi, m not very good with excel formulas, someone help me build this calendar from the data i have, which is extremely useful. However, now there's an additional requirement that the entry at the calendar be red should one of the items coming in the Goods Coming sheet is red too. Can anyone help me please?

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Conditional formatting

New rule

Use formula to determine which cells to format




Select the fill color and, if desired, the font color.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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@NikolinoDE Hi thanks, but i need it in the formula referring to the other sheet like my calendar, eg. the GSS is red in Goods Coming sheet, then the GSS (1) should be red in Goods Coming Calendar sheet too.


Enclosed the files from B5 to B7 were conditionally formatted by me with the formula sent.

Only this has to be entered for each cell, so that when an entry appears the color changes immediately.

Try it with cell B7, insert the date value 04/05 in the worksheet "Good Coming" and it will appear exactly that way.


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