Calculation with pivot table column

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I would like to make the division between the columns NCM and Monitorias being NCM/Monitorias, however, in the database, the column that refers to NCM is a count of sentences and not an integer. How could I do the calculation with this count?






I have the option to create a column in the database with integer values and do it through it, but I didn't want to pollute the base with more columns



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How to expand a pivot table

For example, if you want to add new columns to your pivot table or remove columns, it is often better to create a new table.


     Open the document with the pivot table and click on the table.

     Switch to the "PivotTable Analysis" tab.

     Under “Data” click on the option “Change data source”.

     If the source data is in the same document, select the option “Select table or range” and adjust the selection range.

     If the data is stored in an external file, select the option "Use external data source" and click on "Select connection" to define an existing connection.

     Finally click on "OK" to apply the changes.



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