Calculation of Truck Capacity Utilization

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I am trying to calculate Truck Capacity Utilization & the cost we had to bear additionally for not utilizing the truck capacity.

If the truck capacity is 25Mt & it carried more than 25Mt, it is 100% utilization. Anything less than 100%  utilization, should be shown accordingly.

Date /Truck No /Dispatch Qty/ Truck Capacity Utilization %/ Freight Charged/ Freight as per Qty /Difference/ Difference % is the header for the table..

Please suggest

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I assume the column 'Dispatch Qty' will hold the value for how much the truck carried.


Are you writing the text "25Mt" in that column? I suggest you only write the number 25 in the cell and add a custom number formatting to the cell to show 25Mt. Another option might be to change the column header to 'Dispatch Qty (in Mt)'


Now the calculation can be done using this formula:




Truck capacity utilization is calculated by dividing the total cargo weight transported by a truck by its maximum capacity, expressed as a percentage. The formula is:

Capacity Utilization=(Total Cargo Weight TransportedMaximum Truck Capacity)×100Capacity Utilization=(Maximum Truck CapacityTotal Cargo Weight Transported)×100

This percentage indicates how efficiently a truck is being utilized. For optimal efficiency, aim for a higher capacity utilization percentage, ensuring that trucks are carrying close to their maximum load. In the context of a truck simulator, optimizing capacity utilization becomes a crucial strategy for virtual trucking success, enhancing your simulated transport operations and financial gains within the game. Explore the exciting world of trucking with the Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK for an enhanced and immersive experience.