Calculation of Time Take for staffing

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Hi !


I have an excel sheet containing no of forms to be checked per day and time taken to check each form (in MM:SS). I want to find out how to arrive at staff required to check these forms.


No of Forms - 300,000

Time Taken per form - 03:30 (3 Min 30 Sec)

No of Working Hours Per Day - 8 Hrs

No of Working Days Per Month - 22 Days


Please help.





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@yatinjhamb Well, that isn't really an Excel problem, is it? Unless I misunderstand, of course.


When you have 300000 forms that take 3.5 minutes each to check you need 1 million and 50 thousand minutes in total to complete the task. That would be 17500 hours, or roughly 2200 working days or roughly 100 working months. Hire 100 people and your done in a month. Do it all by yourself, and it will take you 8 years.