Calculating values in a row

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I need to calculate the average values in a row and it is to be updated daily.

I need to always use the same start cell, but the value will change with each new days value.

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You might use a formula such as =AVERAGE(D2:ZZ2) since AVERAGE ignores empty cells.



Unless there's some compelling reason to have the series of values in a row instead of a column, a very clean way to accomplish this ongoing series is to create a table, to which you can add values ad-infinitum (almost). And the formula can read very simply =AVERAGE(Table1[Values]) as shown in the image below. I've also attached the spreadsheet that I created to illustrate this approach.





I would have to redesign the spreadsheet.

I need the first cell to remain the same, but each day an additional cell is added. If I simply copy the formula to the next day, the first cell is changed.
See the spreadsheet I attached to mathetes answer.
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Change B3 to $B3 in the formula. This will "fix" the column letter B.



Yes. And (IMHO) you should redesign it. And it takes nothing more than a Copy.....Paste Special (in which you select the Transpose option). See the attached.  Then just designate that an Excel Table. I've created a couple of averages in the attached.


In Excel, a database typically works better if each new row is added to the bottom. What you have is exactly that: a database. Many of the functions, although they can work with data arrayed as you have it, are more effectively deployed with the records stacked on top of one another.  If you search through Google or YouTube for examples of people working in Excel with tables of data, you will find almost invariably--I'm confident in this--that the tables are arrayed vertically, not horizontally.


As a comment, why don't to calculate Time in Between as




Thanks! this is what I had forgotten. (I haven't used excel for several years)
Thank you very much! I will try it. I/m going to start a new sheet by copying and transposing as you suggested