Calculating subtotal when references range are time interval (decimal figures)

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Hello everybody! I want to use the group function to calculate subtotal for an specific range of data. The thing is: my references column are minutes (decimal figures). I want excel group interval of data, for example: sum from 0,0 min to 0,99 min and at the same time sum values for every data column (in my case, I have 5 “companies” and their production lot for every interval of time). in conclusion, I need group data row in whole numbers of interval of time (min 0 (sum from 0,00 to 0,99), min 1 (sum from 1,00 to 1,99)…).
I’m working in Excel for Mac. Version 16.54. (MacBook Air 2020).

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You could add a helper column with formulas such as =INT(A2) to return the whole minutes, and group on that.

In Spanish: =ENTERO(A2)