Calculating numer of eggs and convert to number of trays

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I have a worksheet where i collect eggs 1 tray contains 30 eggs now sometime you collect 92 eggs which ypu divide by 30 and you get 3 trays and 2 eģgs and next day 103 eggs  etc, I want the formula which can add and also be able to divide number of eggs to trays. The the total ceĺl should add the decimals and if the decimal reach 30 it should increase the number of trays 

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In Cell A2 you enter the number of eggs collected.

In Cell B2 there's this formula: =INT(A2/30)

In Cell C2, this one: =MOD(A2,30)

@mathetes  thank you for your help I have attached the worksheet of what I am trying to do.  basically I collect eggs each day,  and i sale some, the next day I start with the remainder eggs left from yesterday and continue with new collection,  I want to be able to monitor the number of eggs as you can see on the worksheet. i have used your solution but I have not manage to get is done



I'm sorry. I need you to walk through what each row and column represent here in your spreadsheet. It doesn't pop off the sheet making sense to me, so though I might be able to figure it out, it would help if you just explained it.


(FYI, I'm going to be on a trip beginning tomorrow, and will have limited time from here on out to look at my computer, until next week. If your reply comes through and I have a moment, I'll give it a try)