Calculating an average across multiple tabs and all future tabs

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I'm hoping this is a simple question:


I would like to calculate an average of the same cell, in multiple tabs, and all future tabs that I add.  So, for example: If each tab had a value that was the average ranking of 1-5. I would like to take that value in each tab, and calcualte an average that would automatically update when I added a new tab with the data in the same place. Does that make sense?


I'd also like to do the same thing for the average of "yes" answers.

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Insert an empty sheet before the first sheet and name it Start.

Insert an empty sheet after the last sheet and name it End.

You can then use a formula such as




Insert any new sheet between Start and End. The relevant cell in the new sheet will automatically be included in the average.

Since AVERAGE ignores blank cells, the cells in the Start and End sheets won't affect the result.

@Hans Vogelaar - this is perfect - thanks so much!